What is it?

The Green Space Mapper is an online consultation and surveying tool which allows users to build versatile questionnaire which users can associated with locations which have been mapped onto an interactive web map. Developed for use with desktop, tablet and mobile platforms in mind Green Space mapper is a flexible solution for use on site or as part of a desktop survey.

Sample work flow

The below images show you the standard process a user would go through to submit a survey.

First the user would either tap on link or app icon; next they are shown a map showing the extent of the survey area. Using the devices inbuilt GPS/phone triangulation device the Green Space Mapper will located them and zoom to their location. Alternatively if they wish to survey another site or do not have a location enabled device they can pan and zoom using their touch device to their location. Once a site is selected the survey will start. The user can be asked any number of questions, using a wide variety of response types as well as the option to upload an image. At the end of the survey the user can be sent to a submission page and their survey is safely stored in the Green Space Mapper database.